The DRMC presents a simple message of “LOVE” through a modest artwork display at the Health Information and Promotion Kiosk located at the heart of the Main Hospital Building, near at the Business Center and Social Welfare Service. It is made to celebrate the month of Love. With the theme “BIDALOVER”, means if you’re B.I.D.A., you are a LOVER. For reference, the said acronym stands for, as follows;

 B.- Bawal walang mask, 

 I. – I-sanitize ang mga kamot, 

 D.- Distansya ug usa-duha ka metros gikan sa usa’g usa, 

 A.- Alamin ang tinoud nga impormasyon. 

     This love for health promotional activity aims to intensify the whole-government approach campaign against CoViD-19 that was initiated by the DOH in collaboration with DILG, AITF, PCCO, and USAID. It’s just a simple means of encouragement for everyone to “love others as you love yourself” as a motivating drive to become “B.I.D.A.”.

     It may sounds “O.A.” for few individuals. And stupidity probably for some whose been convinced by the speculators around us, that CoViD-19 is not real. And that B.I.D.A. campaign is just a smart business idea by PPE manufacturers and retailers. Actually, these views are plainly based on the writer’s social observations and not of course the viewpoint of the DRMC Institution. It is not also derived from any evidence-based findings thru any methodological approach by any credible researchers. 

     But the reality is, even if CoViD-19 conspiracy issues were true or not, BIDA is still the best gear to wear by everyone. In order to equip ourselves and protect us with the basic preventive measures against any kind whether be viral or bacterial infections. We all know that it is not exclusively designed as Anti-CoViD-19 measures only. But actually given as a gift of love and wisdom for us to have an aid for a safe and healthy living in the community. Wherein different viruses, bacteria and among others are inevitably present.

     On that note, the DRMCians would love to see all of you, our primary stakeholders to adopt and become a B.I.D.A. Solusyon. And stay “safe and healthy” in your respective houses with your loveones. Simple steadily adherence to the concept would certainly provide a basic protection for you from any potential transmittable illnesses present within your community and home. 

     As expected, we’ll continue to serve at our best service that exceeds your satisfaction. Your active participation in compliance to any relative health advises like this one, becoming a BIDA Solusyon, would really, really, really, help us realize our aspiration for all of us.  Let us work together seriously for healthy Davawenous for God’s glory. 

    DRMCians are wishing you all a happy heart month 2021.

   Caring DRMC!