Executive order no. 84 (eo 84) was signed on april 13, 1999 by president joseph ejercito estrada, declaring march as the rabies awareness month in country. It rationalizes the control measures for the prevention and eradication of rabies and appropriating funds thereof.

Rabies is one of the most dangerous viral disease. The virus infects the central nervous system of domestic and wild animals and spread to humans through bites, scratches and exposure to infected saliva.

In the Philippines, rabies continues to be a public health issue causing 200 to 300 deaths every year based on Department of Health (DOH) statistics. In 2011, the DOH recorded 209 deaths with the highest incidence in Region 3 (23 deaths), Region 4A (28 deaths), Region 5 (25 deaths), Region 11 (19 deaths) and Region 12 (21 deaths).

rabiesDavao Regional Medical Center’s (DRMC) Rabies Month Celebration was held on March 22, 2016 at the DRMC - OPD Building and spearheaded by the Public Health Department (PHD) and Family and Community Medicine Department (FAMED) with the following activities: information education campaign, free consultations, pre-exposure vaccination and the poster-slogan making contest which was participated by the Medical, Nursing and Hospital Operations and Patient Support (HOPS) Divisions.

(By: DRMC Public Health Department)