Hail to Davao Regional Medical Center for being one of the winners of the desired Red Orchid Award 2017 of the Department of Health (DOH). The awarding ceremony was held at Mallberry Suites Business Hotel Cagayan de Oro City last December 6, 2017 received by Dr. Bryan O. Dalid -the Chief of Hospital of DRMC.

drmc orchid plaquedrmc red orchid awardee
(From left to right: Dr. Chrysteler Clet, Ms. Timie Mariz Pagarayon, Dr. Bryan O. Dalid)

     DOH Red Orchid Award is an annual search for the 100 % Tobacco-Free Environment covering government workplaces, hospitals and local government units. It is given to those who responded positively, installed necessary policies, and implemented direct action of achieving 100% smoke-free offices, schools, public places, local government units, and other places where people congregate. The Red Orchid is a primus inter pares award, meaning, it is the first among equals. It is the highest award given in this particular search. It is followed by the second highest award, The Pink Orchid, and the third tier, the White Orchid.

    This award   is abstracted to combat tobacco use and to work for a tobacco-free environment. Tobacco use has been recognized as the major contributor in cardio-vascular diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes and Cancer.

    The DOH Red Orchid Awards winners are adjudged based on the strength of comprehensive efforts to implement a 100% Tobacco-Free Environment using the World Health Organization MPOWER initiative. MPOWER is an acronym that denotes the six proven tobacco control policies, namely: Monitor tobacco use and prevention policies; Protect people from tobacco smoke; Offer help to quit tobacco use; Warn against the dangers of tobacco; Enforce bans on tobacco advertising; and Raise taxes on tobacco.