The department of pediatrics was established in 1974 when the hospital who was known then as the Davao del Norte National Hospital apportioned 20 beds for pediatric cases and 8 bed nursery when the hospital’s bed capacity was increased from 20 to 100.

In 1987, the Department started it’s Pediatric Residency Training Program with Dr. Feliciano A. Yamas as the chairman and Dr. Elizabeth P. Derla as the training officer. In 1990, the training program was accredited by the Philippine Pediatric Society. The Department has since invited more consultant staff to help formulate and implement its Pediatric Residency Training Program.

The Department of Pediatrics is an active center for WHO and UNICEF projects, community oriented program such as IMCI, BEMONC, KMC and Breastfeeding program, and this will continue to be among the major thrusts of the department.



It is envisioned that the Department of Pediatrics of the Davao Regional Hospital shall become a center where children receive ideal health care provided by competent, well-trained humane caregivers. It is also envisioned that the department shall continue to pioneer and be active in primary health care programs and at the same time pursue excellence in the field of research within the framework of a government set-up.



It is our mission to make the Department of Pediatrics of Davao Regional Hospital a center where children shall be provided accessible and quality health care. It is also our mission to provide a center where excellent standards of training for resident physicians shall be implemented and pursuit of research, a priority. The Department is also committed to the implementation and conduct of programs dedicated to primary health care.


Davao Regional Medical Center

Apokon Tagum City



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Telephone Number

09293554566 local 402


Name Specialization
Dr. Feliciano A. Yamas General Pediatrics
Dr. Cleofe C. Llanos Pulmonology
Dr. Elizabeth P. Derla General Pediatrics
Dr. Alan J. Tiongco General Pediatrics
Dr. Gemma B. Tiu Nephrology
Dr. Rommel C. Bernardo Neonatology
Dr. Jocelyn T. Mantilla Cardiology
Dr. Marilyn Grace Mangilet General Pediatrics
Dr. Janelle L. Gazmen Neonatlogy
Dr. Jonah Suzette Geralde Intensive Care


Dr. Antonio Pablo B. Ramirez Resident
Dr. Rea Mae C. Isip Resident
Dr. Maridee M. Sebumpan Resident
Dr. Hermelyn L. Casio Resident
Dr. Catherine A. Lozarito Resident
Dr. Diane Mae F. Colot Resident
Dr. Usmaima F. Usman Resident
Dr. Sittie Ainah B. Ali Resident
Dr. Nenette A. Miranda Resident
Dr. Sittie Zaynab S. Abdullatif Resident
Dr. Sahara T. Abonawas Resident
Dr. Catherine T. Cabrido Resident
Dr. Jellyn Q. Remetares Resident
Dr. Jeryl Lou G. Oraiz Resident
Dr. Julius E. Bastillada Resident
Dr. Joyce Merinel S. Cabalo Resident
Dr. Aldwin Mark Balbosa Resident


Services offered:


General Pediatric Ward Caters to all Pediatric Patients who need medical care
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Caters to all critically ill neonates
Rooming- In Neonatal Services Provides rooming in services to uncomplicated newborns
Kangaroo Mother Care Neonatal Services Caters to preterm and low birth weight neonates
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Caters to critically ill pediatric patients
Center for Child Health and Development Provides comprehensive services for diagnosis and management of ambulatory pediatric patients
Oncology Unit Provides comprehensive services for diagnosis and management of pediatric cancer patient