Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Program

Cardiovascular Diseases is one of the top killers in our country. The Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Program in Davao Regional Medical Center covers the process from screening, diagnosing, intervention, management, referral and follow up monitoring. This course is to ensure patients with hypertension and diabetes meet their needs immediately be it medically and psychologically. From the screening and diagnosis, appropriate management and treatment are initiated. All patients diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes from OPD clinics are then evaluated to identify their risk factor for having such disease. Once individual risk factor/s is/are identified, patient shall be advised to engage in lifestyle modification.  Lifestyle modification includes promoting good nutrition and healthy diet, promoting physical activity, promoting smoke-free individuals, reducing harm from alcohol use and promoting mental health and wellness. Referrals to other clinic like smoking cessation clinic, dietary, rehabilitation center and others are done depending on the need of the patient. The importance of monitoring and follow up are emphasize and instructed to the patient. For patients with disability due to their chronic illness (hypertension and diabetes), rehabilitation and palliation are utmost important to them since our foremost goal for them is to improve their quality of life and live.