Women and Child Protection Unit

  1. Identification of Sexually, Physically, Psychologically, Emotionally abused women and children victims by the ER and OPD Triage.
  2. Conduct Joint Interview and Assessment by the Medical/WCPU Specialist, Social Worker and Police Officer.
  3. Medical/ Physical Examination and Treatment: Anogenital Examination, Photodocumentation,  Prescription of medicines for medical problems.
  4. Laboratory Test/Other Work-ups: CBC, U/A, Pregnancy Test, STI and HIV determination, CT scan in cases of Traumatic head Injuries, Skeletal Survey in cases of physical abuse.
  5. Debriefing and Psychological Counselling done by the WCPU Team after thorough interview with the Women and Child victims.
  6. Risk assessment, Placement of Victim to identified shelter, Area Survey and Family Evaluation by the assigned Medical Social Worker.
  7. Scheduling for trainings on Parenting of the parents of the abused child
  8. Psychiatric assessment of both parents and child, women victims.
  9. Data collection  andFprensic Evidence keeping/storing  in preparation for Court Testimony as Expert Witness.
  10. Follow- up  cases of abuse through scheduled opd visits or through home visits by the Medical Social worker and Physician/WCPU Specialist.
  11. Conduct Case conference/Multidisciplinary conference on very confidential and sesntive cases or cases which needs further follow-up .