The DRMC TB-DOTS clinic is a diagnostic and therapeutic unit that caters patients diagnosed with TB or suspected of having TB. The Directly Observed Treatment Strategy (DOTS) is the most effective approach in the diagnosis, treatment, and control of TB. The clinic operates by the standard protocol of the Department of Health and World Health Organization.

The DRMC TB-DOTS clinic is located at the 2nd floor of the OPD building, at the back of Adolescent and Youth Clinic, fronting the wellness building.

Clinic Schedule:

  • Monday to Friday (except holidays), 8am-5pm.

Hotline Number: 0942-6772735 (sun)

Services Offered:

  1. Daily Consultation and follow up check up
  2. Diagnostic Work ups for Presumptive TB (DSSM, CXR, Sputum GSCS, Gene Xpert)
  3. Treatment Regimen provided for free to admitted TB patients (referral from wards), and enrolled TB patients (within the catchment area of Brgy. Apokon Tagum City)
  4. Referral of TB patients to external facilities for registration and treatment (patients outside the catchment area of Brgy. Apokon)
  5. Counselling and Health Education to TB patients and treatment partners
  6. Weekly monitoring and follow up of enrolled TB patients on going treatment
  7. Monthly monitoring and tracing of defaulters

NTP Coordinators:

  1. Dr. Marjorie A. Pelegrino- Over-all Program Manager
  2. Dr. Kristine C. Israel-Zantua- NTP Medical Coordinator
  3. Ms. Raquel Enclonar, RN- NTP Nurse Coordinator
  4. Dr. Joebelle Galang- NTP Resident Coordinator
  5. Dr. Marylou Palomar- NTP Resident Coordinator

TB-DOTS Clinic Providers:

  1. Dr. Kristine C. Israel-Zantua – TB-DOTS Physician
  2. Dr. Joebelle Galang- TB-DOTS Resident Rotator
  3. Dr. Marylou Palomar- TB-DOTS Resident Rotator
  4. Ms. Raquel Enclonar, RN- TB-DOTS Nurse
  5. Ms. Alice Erika- TB-DOTS BHW

Prepared by:

Kristine C. Israel-Zantua, MD, DFM

NTP Medical Coordinator