DRMC Research Unit shall perform the following services:


Research Policies and Advocacies

  • Recommendations of new policies and guidelines including enhancement of the existing policies and guidelines of the DRMC based on the research outputs, recommendations and conclusions
  • Conceptualization and implementation of research development programs
  • Organization and coordination of research activities

Research Training

  • Establishment of appropriate academic policies and requirements for the improvement of the residency training programs in coordination with Professional Education Training Unit
  • Provisions of research trainings and seminars
  • Provisions of consultation/mentoring services to the research proponents of different departments and health-related programs of the DRMC
  • Provision of assistance to resident physicians, consultants and DRMC employees on the technical development of research papers.

Public Dissemination/Publication

  • Collation of all research proposals and outputs from all departments and health-related programs for presentation to the DRMC management, local and national government institutions
  • Conduction of yearly events to facilitate the exchange and dissemination of information concerning research outputs.

Scientific Investigation

  • Conduct of researches related to the need assessment of the patients and employees in terms of service delivery, provisions and outreach activities of Davao Regional Medical Center.
  • Provisions of research service support to the various health- related programs and outreach activities of the different departments and units of Davao Regional Medical Center
  • Establishment of linkages with local and national government and non-government institution for possible research collaboration

Ethical Review Board

  • The DRMC through Cluster Ethics Review Committee- Panel C is tasked to look into review of researches on ethical concerns.  This is composed of trained ethics reviewers who are consultants, lay person, and/ or academician.  This board will sit en banc on scheduled meetings


  • Perform other-related functions as may be assigned by the Davao Regional Medical Center in relation to the conduct of hospital, hospital employees and students’ researches.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with other government and nongovernment agencies for opportunities and allocation of funds/grants to support the researchers conducted by DRMC employees.